Hi there!

I’m Jen – by day, a mild-mannered marketing lackey, and by night…a mild-mannered jack-of-all-crafts.

  • Why “Mighty Pie”?: Mighty Pie was named for my kid, whose baby nickname was Pieface.
  • Why “jack of all crafts”?: I dabble in a little bit of everything – drawing, painting, needle-felting, sewing, clay works, cosplay, doll customizing – if it’s a creative art, I have probably tried my hand at it at least once. So I’m a jack of all crafts, master of none, but pretty good at some.
  • How long have you been drawing/painting/cosplaying/etc?: I’ve been sewing since my mom pushed me into 4-H classes in 1993; I started taking drawing seriously around 1999; I started painting in 2002, I started doll collecting in 2009, and I started cosplaying in 2013. Mighty Pie became a thing in 2017, and took steps toward becoming A Legitimate Thing in 2019.
  • Who’s your favorite Pokemon?: Bulbasaur – #1 in the Dex, #1 in my heart.
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