Hello there! I’m Jen, and I like to draw, paint, and needle-felt cute critters shaped like potatoes (and a variety of other things, but the potatoes are a big portion).

This page is intended to give you a quick overview of my work, my show offerings, and my booth! Feel free to wander over to the main site for a more comprehensive look into the House of Pie.

the art

I started with cute animals shaped like potatoes, and then things went buck-wild from there.

the merch

At Mighty Pie, our goal is to offer art that is Adorable and Affordable! We offer buttons, stickers, prints, bookmarks, original paintings and drawings, needle-felted plush sculptures, and whatever else happens to catch my fancy.

the booth

A peek at the past purveyance of potato products…

want to see more? head over to the main site!

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